A family business specializing in preserving an
American heritage through the art of taxidermy.
Bullseye Taxidermy is located in Craig, Colorado. Our new phone number is (970) 629-0130  Taxidermy Artist,
Mark Zimmerman, grew up in Craig, where hunting is a way of life,
and is a family heritage.  Several years ago, Mark decided to
combine his passion for hunting with his admiration for the animals,
by preserving their grandeur through taxidermy.

Mark attended and graduated from the Colorado Institute of
Taxidermy in 2003.  He continues to keep apprised of the most
modern state-of-the-art methods and materials by attending
seminars, continuing education, and competing in competitions.  
This is not only a job, it is Mark's passion.

Our emphasis is strictly on quality, not quantity.  It is our goal to
remain a "personalized taxidermy studio," and our guarantee that
every piece is mounted by Mark.  We can ensure that by taking in a
limited amount of taxidermy work, time and consideration to every
detail is given to each mount, and nothing gets rushed out the door.  
Mark takes great pride in his work, applying attention to fine details
of anatomy, muscular detail, facial features, hair patterns, eyes, and
every other characteristic.  Mark goes the extra mile and spends
countless hours grooming and finishing the mount to create a lifelike
showpiece that you can be proud of.  He also uses one of the best
tanneries in the country, which is imperative to the longevity of your

Bullseye Taxidermy will provide the personal commitment and artistic
quality, to bring your trophy to realistic measures.  We strive for
higher presentation standards and leading composition designs.  All
of the pieces we produce have the latest materials and technology
available.  To produce a custom mount with these standards takes
an investment in talent and experience.  You have invested time,
effort, and money into acquiring your trophy.  Now, invest in
to preserve your memories with a custom and realistic
trophy to be admired for years to come.

When shopping around, remember to compare the
quality of the
work, not the rates.  We like to educate our customers, so you know
exactly what you're getting for your money.  A clean mount does not
mean an
accurate mount.  Having a comprehension of the anatomy
is crucial.  Even avid hunters that have several trophies already
hanging on the wall, will be amazed when they are shown what a
correct mount looks like.  We guarantee, you'll never look at a mount
the same way again.

If your looking for something to enhance your mount even more,
Mark also offers his creative imagination to custom design your
bases, habitat, and pedestals. Call Mark today (970) 629-0130  
Our Aim Is Perfection
1445 Yampa Ave
Craig, CO  81625
Our Aim Is Perfection
Member of:
Colorado Taxidermist Association
Wyoming Association of Taxidermy Artists
Chamber of Commerce