I met Mark at his shop in Craig at the conclusion of my first Colorado elk hunt. I
managed to get a huge, free range 6 x 6 bull and I wanted to get it mounted as a
means of preserving the memory of my hunt forever. After just a short time talking to
Mark and seeing some of his work in his studio it was obvious that he really has a
passion to make every mount as perfect and realistic as possible. The pride he had
in his work was very evident as he talked about the different
ideas he had for my elk mount. Once I got back home I sent
Mark the dimensions of the room in which I planned to display
the mount. Mark assured me he could make it look great and fit
it within the area I had set aside for it. As an added bonus,
Mark took my finished mount to the 2010 Wyoming, Colorado
and Nebraska State Taxidermy shows and he was awarded the
blue ribbon at all three shows as well as the Outfitter's Choice
award at one of the shows.  Once my elk made it to my home I
was pleased beyond my expectations. Not only did the elk mount
look truly lifelike, the base Mark made to display it on was
fantastic. I cannot say enough about the wonderful work Mark
does and I hope to have the good fortune of walking into his
place again with a great specimen for him to work his magic on.

Thanks again Mark !

C J Saladino
Springfield, Illinois
After taking a Mule Deer in NW Colorado, I called a buddy to help lookup a
taxidermist near Craig. After doing a cursorily evaluation of  taxidermist
websites online, he told me that Bullesye Taxidermy looked to be most
professional; it turned out to be an excellent choice. I've had mounts done
by several different taxidermists over the years, and Mark is by far the most
professional, organized, experienced, courteous and talented taxidermists
out there. Just look at all the awards he has won.

My Mule deer looks as close to "alive" as possible. Mark takes time on the
little details that count:  mouth, eyes, ears, hide, rack, nose and beyond. He
will also take the time to answer your questions in detail and will return a
phone call or email promptly and professionally. Mark also accurately
restored a pair of matching Elk sheds I found on a unsuccessful and
difficult Elk hunt. He took sheds that where white with some cracks and
transformed them back to realistic "like new" state, including the bases.
Such a shed-restoration service can turn that nice shed discovery into great
looking life-long memory that you can hang on your wall. Can your
taxidermist do that?  

When you choose a taxidermist you are essentially entrusting your
hard-earned trophy to a stranger. Rest assured that Mark is one of the best
taxidermists out there who is preserving the hard-earned memories of our
great American hunting tradition.

Aaron Zadonick
Denver, CO
Our Aim Is Perfection
This is the first buck that I have ever killed and I was
so excited to have made the kill, and then to have
had such a wonderful mount, just makes it even
better.  My husband just drove 14 hours and was not
even home 10 minutes and I had him put it on the
wall.  It looks awesome.  Thank you Mark for doing
such a great job.  It was well worth the wait.  You will
for sure see us again.

Mary Maack
Cloverdale, OR
"I just received my mounted elk and can hardly believe
how life like it looks. Mark truly pays attention to the
details. His knowledge of animal anatomy enables him
to make it all look real. I almost expect to hear this elk
bugling in my house! Also, the protective crate he custom
builds for shipping is first class. Everything arrived in
perfect shape."

Best regards,
Dan Teetor
Rochester Hills, Michigan

Your elk mount watches over my home office.  Thank you for your professionalism, quality
of workmanship and attention to detail.  You are an artist and your work shows it.  It is no
wonder you have been acknowledged both regionally and nationally for your creative,
quality works. To be recommended by the outfitter and guides speaks highly of the man
and his passion.  My wife was to say the very least, skeptical about your elk mount being
in the house.  Now she is one of your biggest supporters.  She is happy to show off your
elk to friends and relatives.  

Thanks again,
Jake Mater
Folsom, CA 95630
I get taxidermy work done every year.  
Bullseye Taxidermy by far is more creative
and is more realistic then any place I have
gone. I now have a Taxidermist that I will
continue to use for years to come.

Steve Johnson
Craig, Colorado
There's no words that can describe the quality of work
that Mark Zimmerman does. I've had mounts done by
other taxidermists and they don't compare to the effort
that Mark puts into his mounts.  I wouldn't go to
anyone else, for life size, panel, or shoulder mounts.  
Bullseye Taxidermy is my first and only choice.

Repeating Customer,
Elmer Hering - Craig, CO
I stopped in at Bullseye Taxidermy and met Mark on my way from
Montana.  I was looking for a good taxidermist in Craig to take care of
a buck that I took in Montana.  After seeing Mark's work in his studio, I
was very impressed.  The detail on his mounts was of excellent
quality.  The other thing that impressed me about Mark was his ability
to make sure that my animal was taken care of right away.  When I
was in Colorado hunting, I took a nice buck and bull elk.  I also had
Mark take care of those trophies.  Good taxidermists are hard to find,
and Mark is one of the best.

Wade Winder
Stanwood, WA
I have taken many big game animals in my life and
many of them I've had mounted.  I had a visual in my
mind of how I wanted this certain buck mounted.  I
explained to Mark what I had in mind and left it at that.  
When I went to pick it up and saw it all done, it was
exactly done the way I envisioned it.  Wow!  What a
great job Mark.  Thanks!    

John Robson
Milner, CO