Bullseye Taxidermy performs work on a rotating
basis, and requires a 50% deposit when the piece is
brought in.  After the deposit is paid, we accept partial
payments to accommodate your financial needs. If the
deposit is not paid within 10 days of drop off, the cape
will be forfeited to Bullseye Taxidermy for costs

All mounts/hides which are not paid in full 30 days
after work is completed, will be charged a 5% monthly
service charge.

All mounts/hides left more than 60 days,
being paid in full
, will be retained and become the
property of by Bullseye Taxidermy and Mark
Zimmerman.  All deposits and monies paid will be

All capes accepted at Owner's risk only. Occasionally,
there is a defect in the skin or deficiencies in the
tanning, which we can not be responsible for.  Field
care is essential to the quality of your hide and the
taxidermist cannot verify how the animal was cared for
in the field.  (For information on proper field care, see
instructions under "Field Care")
Our Aim Is Perfection