Mark has a passion for being inventive and using his imagination
to create custom, one-of-a-kind, works of art for our customers.  
These unique and classy creations really enhance your trophy, not
to mention that they are also wife pleasers!

Mark can fabricate a special wall, floor, or table pedestal that will
be the center piece of your trophy room.  All rocks are custom
made and painted.
WALL mounts with custom bases and habitat
This wall mount form was altered so that it can rotate on
the habitat base.  It can also be removed from the base
and hung on the wall.  
The Antelope is mounted on
a pedestal form and attached
to a custom base that screws
to the wall.  
FLOOR Pedestal with custom bases and habitat
This is a floor pedestal and shows
the exposed back of this Elk mount.
Some pedestal mounts have the back exposed.  There are
several decorative ways we can cover the exposed area -
artificial rocks, sand, leather, and various other materials.

Floor pedestal are nice because they don't require a lot of
ceiling clearance.  
This base was created with the customer's own elk horns that
he brought in.
TABLE Pedestal with custom bases and habitat
Table Pedestal showing
exposed back of mount.
Thess mounts can be displayed on any flat surface.
Our Aim Is Perfection